Days 8 through 12 — Rain

my journey to  utah was very nice — good weather and scenic roads (i HIGHLY recommend u.s. 89 for anybody that has a chance to drive it).  i got up early the next morning to catch the famed bryce canyon sunrise, and it didn’t disappoint.

without having a chance to scope out the park first, i didn’t know which overlook would be the best, so i picked the most popular: bryce point.  apparently i wasn’t the only one with similar ideas, as there were about 75 other people taking pictures and enjoying the view.  i couldn’t really complain because the views were so gorgeous, but i tend to prefer my sunrises and sunsets in secluded locations, so i went off in search of some less popular overlooks for my pictures over the next few days.

i stopped at sunset point (which looks east…kinda confusing) and went on an excellent hike that dropped down into the canyon (navajo loop, for those that visit…).  it was pretty busy during the day, but i figured it was going to be much quieter than bryce point during sunrise, so i decided to come back there the next morning.

unfortunately, it started raining.  and kept raining.  i actually didn’t see sun again until after i left the park for colorado.  and i only had a few hours of sun before getting into more clouds, fog, and rain in western colorado.  the rain and fog provided a pretty cool atmosphere for the rest of the trip, but it didn’t make for very many good pictures (rain pictures can be pretty spectacular if done right, but i’m not very good at them and i didn’t have any way to keep my camera dry so i hesitated to spend much time experimenting).

because of the rain, i left for my sister’s place in estes park a day early.  i drove through rocky mountain national park on trail ridge road amidst heavy fog (visibility of about 30 yards once i got above treeline) and light rain.  it was pretty eerie to be scooting along at 11,000 feet on a skinny mountain road without guard rails and watching adjacent peaks appear and then dissipate into the fog…

i spent a few days with my sister, and then left for fort collins to see my parents.  it was a good thing i was a day ahead of schedule, because within 24 hours of me leaving, the colorado flooding had really taken off and the highway i took to get out of estes park was partially washed away.  very scary.  thankfully, my sister’s place was high enough to be out of danger…

anyways, i left my parents’ place early yesterday morning (again, just barely beating road closures) and got back to chicago last night.  i’m processing my pictures and compiling a slideshow that i should be posting today or tomorrow, and i might have one more blog post in me, so stay tuned…

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