Iceland’s Laugavegur Trail 2017

In July and August of 2017, my good friend Lindsay and I traveled to Iceland for a week for the sole purpose of hiking the famed Laugavegur Trail. We had been in Iceland a few years earlier as a part of a trip to see the 2015 total solar eclipse and had fallen in love with the country. We heard about the Laugavegur Trail and decided to come back at some point (preferably when it was a bit warmer — our first trip to Iceland was in March…brr!) and give the hike a shot. This collection of posts and images is my best attempt at documenting our experience and hopefully inspiring some awe at the beautiful landscapes of the Icelandic highlands.

Day 0: Reykjavik
Day 1: Landmannalaugar -> Hrafntinnusker
Day 2: Hrafntinnusker -> Hvanngil
Day 3: Hvanngil -> Emstrur (Botnar)
Day 4: Emstrur (Botnar) -> Þórsmörk


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