week four — warmth

it’s cold and snowy in chicago, and i’m sick.  so this week’s picture is going to be one that represents warmth.

this is another picture that i took on my road trip this september (fair warning, you’ll probably see a lot of pictures featured from that trip in this series).  it was taken the first morning i got to bryce canyon, and it was the only time during my stay there when it wasn’t cloudy/raining.  the sunrise was spectacular, though, and it made the trip down to utah worth it.

side note — i always shoot in RAW format, and this picture is a great example of why doing so is so powerful.  the picture below is identical to the one above except for the fact that i adjusted the white balance in post-processing.  no quality was lost in doing so, and the result is drastically different than the original.  i don’t think this “cool” picture is quite as impressive as the “warm” one, and it certainly doesn’t capture the moment that i experienced while i was standing on that cliff watching the sun peek above the horizon, but it does illustrate the power of RAW post-processing.

identical to the above picture, but with an adjusted white balance identical to the above picture, but with an adjusted white balance

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