week five — trails

apologies for this week’s photo being a day late.  my family is celebrating the holidays in florida this year, and i knew my flight would get in a few hours ahead of everybody else’s, so i wanted to give myself something to do in the airport.

i did some reflecting last night and this morning on the plane, and the product was a 2013 Yearly Review blog post.  a recurring motif throughout my reflections has been the path or trail of our lives.  so, I decided a fitting photo of the week would be one with car trails (or, in this case, bus trails).

this picture is one of my personal favorites, and pretty much all of its awesomeness happened by accident.  i was setting up for a long exposure of that crazy-looking statue when a car drove by.  i can’t quite remember all the details, but i think somehow seeing the car trail gave me the idea that a bus trail would look way more awesome due to the multiple layers and shades of light.

i honestly didn’t think it would turn out quite this cool, though.  i remember excitedly clicking the shutter release and watching the bus drive by, and then cursing my camera for taking so long to process the 20 second exposure…and then going “oooh” when the preview showed up on the screen.  one of those priceless moments that makes getting up early on weekends for a chance at adventure and finding a cool shot totally worth it…

anyways, i’ll be spending the next week on sanibel island, and i’ll be hunting sunrise, sunset, landscape, wildlife, and seashell pictures.  so keep an eye out for something beach-related and non-wintry next week…

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