week twenty-three — 18th street bridge

in my various photo adventures over the last couple years, i’ve spent almost all of my time north of the field museum. wandering around the south side with loads of camera equipment never really seemed like the wisest idea, and there’s always seemed plenty to explore on the north side. but wanderlust is never satisfied, and i recently started to itch for different perspectives on this wonderful city.

given the spirit of this photo of the week project, it didn’t seem right to suppress this urge, and i’ve started exploring different regions of the city. while i still don’t plan on taking my 6D on a casual stroll through englewood, i’m on the hunt for new (and safe) locations. the first of these new locations was the 18th street bridge by chinatown.

after a laborious day of studying, i drove to this bridge with the hopes of seeing a nice sunset with some interesting foregrounds. the metra railroad yard and the south fork of the chicago river (not pictured) satisfied the foreground criteria, and my desire for a different perspective was certainly satisfied.

i would have liked to stick around for another hour or two and catch a nighttime shot (maybe even a long exposure with the metra’s lights streaking through the frame), but it didn’t exactly seem like a place i’d want to be with only my camera equipment for company, so i just headed home. if i continue exploring new south side locations, i’ll have to start dragging friends along for security duty…

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