week thirty-six — shapes

a very good friend and fellow photographer came to town this weekend, and in addition to engaging in a variety of shenanigans, we went on a monstrous 14.5 mile single day photo walk through the city. the shoot yielded at least 20-30 keepers, including promising starts to a couple chicago-themed photo series (serieses? ugh grammar is hard). no promises on when these series will come to fruition (it is exam season, after all), but in the spirit of this photo of the week thing i’ll be using these side projects as ways to stimulate further progress. i’m teasing you with this info to help lock me into committing to the projects, so feel free to get on my case if too much time goes by without any results… 🙂

but enough about things that aren’t this week’s photo…i took this shot from the top floor of the lake and wells parking garage. i’ve only been to this location a couple times, but it has very quickly captivated me. there are so many intriguing architectural elements on the adjacent buildings, and the sightlines between them offer compelling glimpses of the city’s fluctuations. there’s even a unique bird’s eye view of the L if you’re willing to lean over the edge (this view was featured in hour 15 of my 24 hours of chicago photo adventure).

for this shot, i tried to capture one of those intriguing architectural elements by zooming in on a skyscraper to the northwest. because the sun was fairly low in the sky, there was nice contrast between the bright southern glass that was catching the fading sunlight and the building’s shaded eastern face. i was excited by the perspective when i snapped the shutter, but i was even more encouraged when i brought the image into Silver Efex Pro and started editing…the fine art black and white style really does an excellent job of complementing modern architecture! very pleased with how this one turned out!

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