week forty-three — henry

that’s henry. he’s pretty adorable huh?

i went down to Nick and Bailey’s for a huskers game earlier this month, and during halftime we soaked in some of the last remnants of summer on their rooftop park/communal space/whatever. this little guy came out to join us, and i snapped off some shots while we were playing fetch.

i rarely shoot action, so between battling Canon’s AI Servo (which i’m sure is wonderful if you know what you’re doing…which i don’t) and guarding my 6D from henry’s salivary enzymes i struggled to hone in on the right combination of focal length, shutter speed, ISO, and aperture. but the great thing about digital photography is that you don’t have to be shy with the trigger finger. i threw away a good 50-60 shots, but it’s worth it to get one or two like this one.

in other news, i really miss having a dog. is it weird if i go to dog parks even without having a dog? probably. whatever. i might do it anyways.

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