30 Days with the Fuji 35mm f2: Day Four

I was walking back from coffee this morning and the way the sun was catching this tree caught my attention. Good textures are one of my favorite things to incorporate into a photograph, and the sunlight combined with the bark to produce just that. I opened up the aperture to blur the background just a tad, and I liked what the lens did with the bokeh. Even at f2.8 on a crop sensor there’s a pretty wide depth of field, so it’s a little tough to know how at what point the bokeh will start to kick in on shots like these. I’ve been shooting a lot at 35mm (full frame) and wider  lately, and getting nice bokeh at that wide of a focal length is tough to come by. So having a longer lens at 35mm (53mm full frame) was a pleasant change of pace and let me get a nice background blur despite the crop sensor. I also didn’t have to open up all the way to f2, so I was able to get some bokeh and still maintain some sharpness. The lens really did a good job with the sharpness, and I’m pretty confident I won’t have any complaints in that sharpness department with this lens!

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