Day 4 (Shanghai)

Our last day in Shanghai wasn’t quite as full of activities as the prior day, but I still ended up shooting a lot. We spent the morning in a place called 1933 Shanghai that was an absolute blast to shoot in. I feel pretty confident saying it was my favorite place for photography on the entire trip.

It’s an old slaughterhouse building (thus it’s also referred to as the “Slaughterhouse”) that’s actually really interesting from an architectural perspective. It was designed by British architects and built in, yes, 1933. While it was originally intended to be a slaughterhouse, it’s served other purposes over the years. It was restored in 2008 and currently houses a variety of businesses.

With that brief background, I think it’s best to avoid further descriptions of the building itself and just show some pictures…

After spending far more time than I would have ever expected wandering through an old slaughterhouse, we went to a market area called Tianzifang. The area was full of boutiques and restaurants, and despite being very touristy it managed to retain an authentic feel.

After getting our fill of souvenirs and pictures in Tianzifang, we headed back to the hotel to grab our bags and head to Nanjing. I’ll follow up with a blog post on Nanjing soon, but for now I’ll leave you with a couple of my favorite random shots of Shanghai…

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