2015 Yearmix: At the Apex

This is the long overdue part two (part one can be found here) of the 2015 yearmix collaboration with @ScholesTackling. This half is much more upbeat and is best listened to while accelerating into a corner.


  1. Super Human (ft. Asbjørn) by Andrew Bayer
  2. Opus by Eric Prydz
  3. All These Wounds (ft. Stef Lang) by ilan Bluestone & BT
  4. 43 by ilan Bluestone
  5. Bonsai by ilan Bluestone
  6. Second Sun by Matt Bowdidge
  7. Circles by Nero
  8. ELIA by Olarsbo
  9. Alive Again (ft. Emma Hewitt) by 3LAU
  10. Pink Roads (Ronski Speed Remix) by Arty
  11. Borderline (ft Tove Styrke) by Vanic
  12. Insomnia (ft. Parson James) by Audien
  13. Up All Night (ft. Angel Taylor) by Arty
  14. Tether (Eric Prydz Remix) by CHVRCHES
  15. Open Heart (ft. Lissie) by Morgan Page
  16. Sweet Escape (ft. Sirena) by Alesso
  17. Something Better (ft. Lady Antebellum) by Audien
  18. Generate by Eric Prydz
  19. Running Wild (ft. The Odd Addictions and Britt Daley) (Project 46 Remix) by Morgan Page (Track of the Year)
  20. A Way to Say Goodbye (ft. Sombear) by Seven Lions

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