30 Days with the Fuji X-T2: Day 9

Fuji X-T2; Fuji 35mm f/2; 1/125s; f/2; ISO 5000

One of the benefits of these 30 Days challenges is that you’ve almost always got your camera with you. All photographers know they should always be carrying their cameras since you never know when an image will present itself, but it’s pretty easy to get lazy and start leaving it behind. When you’re forced to post an image every day, though, you pretty much have to carry your camera with you everywhere so you don’t end up needing to post an instagram-y shot of your food…

This image is nothing special, but it’s a pleasant minimalist rendering of one of the slivers of the University of Nebraska campus. I was there on Monday and Tuesday for a recruiting trip, and it stirred up some nostalgia for my college days when I was there. I think there’s value in capturing these little moments. Even if the technicals of the photograph aren’t special, the photograph can still carry weight if it stirs up the right emotions.

The image was shot just before sunrise at f/2 and ISO 5000. I purposefully didn’t apply very much noise reduction (Luminance set to 30 and Color left at the default 25 in Lightroom) to offer up an example of what kind of usability you can get at high ISOs. I could have used some more sophisticated noise reduction techniques to make this image super clean, but like I said earlier, this shot is more about the emotion than the technicals. 🙂

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