30 Days with the Fuji X-T2: Day 29

Fuji X-T2; Fuji 35mm f/2; 1/120s; f/2; ISO 6400

I’ve no doubt sufficiently bored you by now with talk of the Acros film simulation, so today I’m going to touch on one tiny improvement of the XT–2 over the XT–1 that I haven’t mentioned yet and absolutely love: the threaded shutter button.

I’m a big fan of threaded shutter buttons, which allow for super-cheap mechanical cable releases and super-awesome soft shutter releases. The flexibility to use a mechanical cable release is really nice, as they’re inexpensive and pretty universal (I now have one cable release that I can use on all of my cameras – how awesome is that?!). The real upgrade is in the ability to add a soft shutter release, though. These little guys screw into the shutter button, effectively raising the button and resulting in less force needed to release the shutter. This translates to the ability to handheld shots roughly one stop slower than you would be able to otherwise (your mileage may vary, of course).

Plus, they just look cool! 🙂 I can’t post an image of mine on the X-T2, as I’ve limited myself to taking pictures only with the X-T2 during this 30 day challenge…maybe I could find a way to accomplish this with an elaborate mirror setup, but it’ll be easier to just check out the images here and use your imagination…

Today’s image isn’t a great example of the benefits of using a soft shutter release, as I needed a faster shutter speed to freeze the movement of the jogger. But hopefully you get the idea…if there hadn’t been movement in this scene, I could have probably dropped the shutter speed from 1/120s to 1/25s at a ~50mm focal length (full frame equivalent). This would have brought in about two extra stops of light, which would mean that I could have dropped the ISO from 6400 to 1600 and gotten a much cleaner image.

[…although, in this case I was playing with the grain effect setting on the camera and was actually trying to add grain…but again, you get the idea :)]

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