2016 Yearmix: Under the Stars

This is part one of the 2016 yearmix collaboration with @ScholesTackling. We picked 20 of our favorite downtempo, melodic tracks from last year to be included in this mix, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


  1. Interstellar (The Blizzard Intro Remix) by Hans Zimmer
  2. My Enemy (ft. Julie Thompson) (Movement Machina Remix) by Super8 & Tab
  3. Parachute by Rodg & Manu Zain
  4. Run-Time (Matt Lange Remix) by Imogen Heap
  5. Beneath With Me (ft. Skylar Grey) by Kaskade & deadmau5
  6. I’m a Ghost (Niklas Ibach Remix) by Hilltop Hoods
  7. Porcelain (Arty Remix) by Moby (Track of the Year)
  8. Losing My Religion by BeLL
  9. Young God (Judah Remix) by Halsey
  10. All Over the World by Above & Beyond
  11. Only Yesterday by Pretty Lights
  12. False Prophets by J. Cole
  13. FML (Vanic Remix) by K.Flay
  14. When It’s Gone (Mat Zo Remix) by The M Machine
  15. To the Sun by Dan Sieg
  16. Ritual (Matt Lange Remix) by Delerium
  17. Sansa by Gareth Emery
  18. Winterburn (ft. Sylvia Tosun) (Geert Huinink Orchestral Version) by Andrew Rayel & Digital X
  19. Another Chance by Above & Beyond & OceanLab
  20. Hanami by Death & Rebirth

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