Great Lakes Road Trip 2017, Part 1 — Start Your Engines

Last summer, my friend Keegan flew in to Milwaukee and we embarked on week-long, 2500+ mile road trip through the Great Lakes. This post is the first of three, and it documents a sampling of our shenanigans in Milwaukee and Northern Wisconsin.

Milwaukee – Lake Michigan


Cave Point County Park – Lake Michigan


Door Bluff Co Park – Lake Michigan


Other Points of Interest

  • 44.90845,–87.26435: Gas stop 1 – BP 91 Octane, Wisconsin
  • 45.29057,–87.02047: Start of Jens Jensen Road, Wisconsin
  • 45.28930,–86.99144: End of Jens Jensen Road, Wisconsin
  • 44.63733,–87.77298: Where we realized we forgot pillows, Wisconsin
  • 44.63186,–88.04746: Where we realized our surroundings looked like a collection of overgrown broccoli
  • 45.10688,–87.62155: Entrance to Michigan
  • 45.13267,–87.61234: Gas stop 2 – Shell 91 Octane, Michigan
  • 45.68695,–87.10408: THE Redneck Yacht Club, Michigan
  • 45.75046,–87.08007: Pizza in civilization, Michigan
  • 46.12429,–86.98042: Terrifying accident (not us, thankfully), Michigan
  • 46.3104246,–86.7240444: Otter Lake Campground, Michigan

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