October, 2019

It’s been some time since I kept up with posting the images I shoot. For a while I got used to incorporating some time in between shooting and editing/posting to help give my work some perspective. It was a trick I learned from shooting film, and while it was valuable it also gave me an excuse to not routinely review and critique my work. There wasn’t a deadline (even if it was just a self-imposed deadline), so I could slack off. I’m going to experiment with posting some of my favorite images from the prior month and see how I like it.

I’ll probably get to this in the first or second week of the following month going forward, though given my track record with these kinds of things I can’t make any promises… It’ll also be tricky to incorporate any film images in these, since I typically send my film to the lab in batches every 6-ish months. I’m developing some plans to build a darkroom in my house, though, so maybe getting that up and running will be a winter project that’ll help reduce the turnaround time of sharing my film images… I can already envision a Sunday night ritual of listening to some music and developing/scanning/darkroom printing film from the week…

In the meantime, enjoy these shots from October! It’s a proper mixture of photos this month…some random street photos/shots around Fort Collins, quite a few landscapes from a backpacking trip and a trip to the southwest corner of CO for the final fall colors, a candid of my buddy Tony on a hike during his visit, and some documentary grabs of my nephew. Whew, October was busy!

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