October, 2020

Whew, it’s been a while… Like I explained the other day, this has been a strange year for sharing photography. It’s also been a tough year for any big photo trips, but on the bright side I’ve been shooting a lot around the house. Documenting the everyday hasn’t been a big part of my photography until this year, so it’s been good to work on something new at a time when life otherwise felt stagnant.

August through October was even more isolating than “usual” during this pandemic since there were two of the worst wildfires in Colorado history just west of where I live. Most of my shots were in black and white (as they have been for pretty much all of 2020), but the color photos that I did take during this time have this crazy orange glow. I hope that I’ll never be taking photos of fall colors with that kind of glow again, but it did give the images a unique look. 2020, always full of surprises…

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