30 Days with the Fuji X-Pro3: Day 9

Despite the missed focus shot I posted yesterday, all was not lost from last week’s bike ride up Rist Canyon. On the way back after a very fun (albeit frigid) descent I stopped to grab this picture of an old delivery truck.

One of my favorite things about mountain communities is that there’s always this really weird hodgepodge of stuff like this. And so often we zoom right past it while on our way to the ski resort or hiking trail. Traveling these areas on bike is slow enough (especially on the way up…then it’s painfully slow) to allow you to soak it up and identify photo opportunities, but it’s fast enough that you can still cover a lot of distance in a day and can see a lot of good subjects.

Once this project is over, I’ll probably go back to carrying my X100F on these trips rather than the bulkier X-Pro3, but it’s good to know that I can absolutely bring the X-Pro3 and a prime or two on a bikepacking trip if I want a little extra flexibility in focal lengths. It’s just an opportunity to get a little extra fitness in… 😉

        1. No, I haven’t unfortunately. I’ve heard they’re very high quality and don’t degrade image quality. It sounds like the telephoto is pretty heavy, though, and since that’s my preferred focal length I’m not too interested in them. The wide angle is apparently really good.

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