30 Days with the Fuji X-Pro3: Day 12

Yesterday, I talked about how much I like the combo of the Acros film simulation and the electronic viewfinder on the X-Pro3. Today’s post follows a similar theme, with a shot a took on a quick afternoon hike just west of Fort Collins.

Black and white works so well in the winter in the nature areas of Colorado. All the brown vegetation doesn’t play nicely with color, and snow on the ground plays right into the strengths of black and white. With this shot, the strong contrast of the snow on the fence creates a really nice leading line as the curve of the fence draws the eye towards the center of the frame. There’s no real subject for the eye to be drawn to, so this isn’t a strong photo by any means. But it’s good practice to try to spot these things, and the live view + black and white simulation really helps eliminate distractions so you can focus on finding these little visual elements.

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