30 Days with the Fuji X-Pro3: Day 14

I’ve got one more snow black and white photo for you before I switch things up in the next couple posts. I took this frame on the same short hike that I took the last couple images, but it has a different feel to it. While the last two compositions were busy and defined by leading lines and lots of micro contrast, this image is more about the absence of elements.

Using negative space effectively is quite difficult in the mountains…it seems like there’s always a stray branch getting in the way. The easiest way to implement negative space is simply by looking up and bringing more sky into the frame. On completely overcast days like this one, I like to raise the exposure by a stop or two and completely blow out the highlights in the sky. With this particular shot, this method creates a very 2-D image reminiscent of minimalist line drawings.

This sort of minimalist image with a lot of negative space always feels calm to me. I like making these images when I’m struggling to layer in several complex elements into a composition. It helps me relax and get into a rhythm, and so does shooting with the X-Pro3. When I pick up this camera, things just seem to simplify.

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