30 Days with the Fuji X-Pro3: Day 21

This is one of the types of photos that I’ve fallen in love with over the last year. After spending several years in the midwest, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the Colorado skies. The loft in my house has a great view west of the mountains, and my office looks south and west and offers views of the sunrise scenes. Since I’ve been stuck indoors for much, much more time than I anticipated this year, I’ve been compensating by studying two things: 1. The way light comes through the various windows in my house throughout the day/year and 2. The sky. I’ve shot a pretty silly number of images this past year looking up at the sky through the windows in my staircase/office/loft. And while I love making images that solely consist of the clouds formations on a blue (or black, if I’m shooting black and white) backdrop, I get extra excited when the moon makes a compositional appearance. Maybe I’ve just been looking at too many Bryan Minear photos lately…

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