30 Days with the Fuji X-Pro3: Day 23

Like I mentioned in the last post, shooting with a telephoto prime lens on the X-Pro3 was a surprisingly fun experience. The mentality of shooting with the X-Pro3 (patient, mindful, and playful) paired well with the unique challenges of a long prime. When a snow/sleetstorm kicked up one evening, I grabbed this unusual combo and took some photos of the chaos. I played with a few angles of the two light poles, and I loved this one with the foreground one blocking the direct light of the rear one. I snapped a few images and loved the way the wind created a swirling chaos of falling snow on the righthand side of this particular frame. This is a weird image, and it’s not one I would have captured (or even thought about trying to capture) had I not been in the playful mindset that the X-Pro3 brings out of me.

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