30 Days with the Fuji X-Pro3: Day 27

As much as I’ve enjoyed playing around with unusual setups with the X-Pro3 throughout this series — whether it’s a vintage M-mount setup or a telephoto macro lens — at the end of the day the X-Pro3 really shines as a disciple of (cousin to?) the Leica. It works best when it’s slung over your shoulder with a compact prime attached. So that’s how I’m going to wrap up this series with these last few posts, all shot while wandering around Northern Colorado with the XF 23mm f/2.

This image is just a snapshot from the car. Ever since living in Omaha, I’ve been drawn to unusual scenes like this. There’s so much to get lost in when looking at this image. What even is it? A motel? A video store? Why are there rags/towels hanging over the railing? And my goodness how long has it been since this place had a proper paint job?!

We have a tendency to ignore this sort of building in our everyday lives. And to be honest I’d still be ignoring them if I didn’t start carrying a camera by my side, always quietly encouraging me to look around and see if there’s something worth making an image out of.

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