January, 2021

I skipped “Lately” in December since my “30 Days with the Fuji X-Pro3” essentially took its place, but I’m glad to be back with another post full of January’s images. It feels good to be in a rhythm of shooting consistently again, even if the subjects are mostly personal shots around the house. Around the start of each year I get a surge of motivation to share my images more often, and this year is no exception. Hopefully I can keep the momentum going this time around… 🙂

Gear talk: Most of this month’s images were taken on my Leica M10 Monochrom, which is by far my favorite camera to shoot with these days. I’m shooting more and more black and white these days, and it’s just perfect for dreary winter days and the timeless/intimate memories with family (dogs included). I used the Fuji GFX 50R a decent amount too, with it being my main tool for “serious” hiking photos. The cover image for this month is actually a GFX 50R focus stack from a “sunrise” hike in Rocky Mountain National Park. Sunrise never came, but I still love how the image turned out. I also brought my Fuji X100F along for that hike, and it’s solidifying itself in a point-and-shoot role for hikes and bike rides. It’s clipped to my backpack strap for pretty much every hike, and lives in my front bag when I take my bike out so I can capture fun scenes like the final three images below. The fact that it’s so much fun to shoot with while also being so portable makes it a perfect companion for such activities.

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