Making Coffee

It’s 9:26 am and I’m making coffee. I’m back in Colorado today. Thanksgiving is over, but my vacation continues another week. The joy of being in a relaxed environment in the middle of a weekday morning, when I’d normally be frantically trying to accomplish item seven on my to-do list before the meeting in four […]

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Turn Right Now!

I was talking to Keegan earlier today about knowing where you’re going. It’s a hard thing, knowing where you’re going. Or, I should say, it’s a hard thing pretending to know where you’re going. The fact is we humans like to pretend that we know where we’re going. We like to use this pretend knowledge as a […]

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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back — My 2013 Yearly Review

When we usually hear the phrase “Two steps forward, one step back,” it’s in the context of lost productivity. That is, we’re undoing some of our progress through mistakes. There’s another way of conceptualizing this phrase that’s been bouncing around in my mind the last few weeks, though. What if we the change the connotation […]

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