what’s this photo of the week thing all about?

photography is becoming more than just a hobby for me these days.  it’s transforming how i see and feel about the world, and in the process it’s transforming who i am.

it’s encouraging me to tilt my head and to lay down where i would normally stand.  it’s teaching me perspective.

perspective perspective

it’s patiently pointing out how the light glints off the world and casts shadows.  it’s teaching me mindfulness.

mindfulness mindfulness

it’s forcing me to get close to my subjects and tell the story of how they’re interacting with their environments.  it’s teaching me creativity, storytelling, and engagement.

perspective perspective

and it’s teaching me so much more.

i have a highly analytical mind.  i’m passionate about digesting information, ordering it, and using it to produce plans for action.  i spend my days using numbers and code to do this, and i love it.  but as much as i love developing this left brain of mine, i cannot become who i want to be with just half a brain.  in order to be the person i know i can be, i must balance my growth.  this means cultivating a deep respect for the arts and studying things like perspective, creativity, and storytelling.  in short, this means photography.

the goal of the photo of the week series is to keep me as connected as possible to this photography thing that’s capturing my heart and making me a better person.  yes, i’ll miss weeks and get distracted by life, but if this series can help me stay closer to photography in even the smallest way, i’ll consider it a success.

p.s. if you’re enjoying the series and/or have suggestions, let me know!  knowing that somebody is following along will help immensely with keeping me committed to the process.

  1. K.P. – I’m very happy you have an interest to occasionally escape from the actuarial world. And, I love your 1st "photo of the week." I always like to read your writings, also. – – epw.


  2. Love your posts, especially this one! I can definitely relate now that I have my own Canon Rebel SL1. It is amazing how you start to view the world differently when you have a camera in your hand. I’m still learning how to use all the functions and figure out how each one pairs with one another in different settings. Your photo posts above that show the different camera setting you used are also very helpful. I’ve actually been reading through your posts and trying to match the settings on my camera just for practice… haha. Keep posting, I’ll definitely keep reading! 🙂 I also like your squarespace layout. I use squarespace for my own website as well. Very clean and professional.


    1. thanks Pam! what you said about seeing the world differently when you have a camera in your hands is so true…it’s a thrilling sensation that always keeps you hungry for more…best of luck with starting your own photographic journey, and don’t hesitate to share your own shots — it’s always fun to see how friends approach photography, and i always learn something. 🙂


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