week one — freezing on fullerton ave beach

i’m going to be honest, i didn’t want to go take pictures yesterday.

my roommate and i ventured out of the house to get chipotle for lunch, and it was so cold that it almost wasn’t worth it.  the wind was nasty, and it was pretty difficult to convince myself to bundle up and head out again for the sunset.

but, as with chipotle, braving the cold turned out to be worth it.  i headed to a spot just north of the fullerton ave beach and set up shop.  i got there just in time for the sunset, and though the sky wasn’t spectacular, the view was amazing.  i fall in love with the chicago skyline every time i see it, and this time was no exception.

i was lucky that the waves were crashing especially hard, creating a reflective film on the rocks and a ghostlike aura around the wooden posts in the foreground.  the wooden posts along the left side help draw the eye from the cold, ghostlike foreground to the warm glow of the gorgeous chicago skyline.

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