week nine — up around the bend

i somehow managed to go a full four weeks without posting a shot from my road trip last year.  i know it’s annoying to hear me ramble about how amazing that trip was, but i just can’t help myself.  i think part of the reason my ramblings are so annoying is that i have a really hard time fully explaining why the trip was so amazing.

in looking back through my picture library in search of this weeks shot, i came across this photo and for some reason the words started to fall into place.  i’m a big believer in self-reflection, and there’s no better time for self-reflection than when you’re alone on the road.  after so many miles, the gear changes become automatic, the rev-matching happens effortlessly, and your mind is left to soak up the beauty of the world and ponder your place in it.

as you speed along, the overwhelming sense of freedom engulfs you.  all the little to-dos and thoughts of responsibilities fall away, and you’re left only with your thoughts and your whimsical desires.

“oh that’s pretty!  i should pull over…”

it’s fascinating to sit back in your recaro and watch your mind work.  our minds have gotten so good at optimizing how we spend our time to accomplish as many of life’s urgent little tasks as possible that we often ignore the important things that don’t have a pressing due date.  like pulling over when you see something pretty.

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