week thirty-four — midnight

i like to periodically review my photo library and hunt for pictures that have fallen through the cracks. after a photo adventure, i’ll typically have a handful of shots that i know i want to edit and post. the rest, despite having potential, are often forgotten and left unedited. this week’s shot is a perfect example of those that fall under “the rest” category.

i just posted one of the real gems of this photo adventure today on 500px, and in the process i saw this shot. it’s certainly not one of my favorites, and the unedited version was pretty bleh, but being over a year removed from the snap of the shutter allowed me to see some potential. i did some detail extracting to bring out a grungy feel in the road and draw out the clouds, and then i layered on some blurring and contrast filters to really enhance the mood. it may not be the most stunning shot from that outing, but one of the great things about photography is that with a little creativity even somewhat pedestrian shots can become intriguing.

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