photo adventures — stars and sunrises

yesterday’s photo of the week was featured because i came across that hidden gem while doing a review of my photo library. with the announcement that apple will no longer be developing aperture (which was my preferred photo storage and editing software), i’m making the migration to the adobe lightroom/photoshop camp. and as i go through this miserable process of rebuilding a folder hierarchy and re-entering keywords, metadata, etc., i’ll be forced to review my photo library in excruciating detail…

because i’m such a naturally optimistic, “glass-half-full” kind of guy (hah, jokes!), i’m going to view this software switch as an opportunity to seek out shots that have fallen through the cracks, re-edit photos that i may have initially butchered, and (here’s the part you care about) throw up more of these photo adventure posts!

if you’ve been following my photo of the week blog for a little while, you’ll probably recognize the third shot below, as it was the week 24 shot. i had driven out to the middle of nowhere in illinois to avoid the chicago light pollution in attempt to get some shots of the eta aquarid meteor shower. i was foiled by clouds and an amateur’s inability to capture the majesty of the night sky, but i still thoroughly enjoyed the outing and even managed to get a few keeper shots.

as always, click on the thumbnails below for full-size versions and photo details. enjoy!

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