week sixty-two — winter’s sheet

there’s been plenty of cold in chicago this winter, but not a whole lot of snow. Mother Nature seems to be trying to catch up today, so i bundled up and headed out to watch her work.

i debated bringing my weather-sealed Canon 6D, but i knew i’d be walking quite a bit and i didn’t want to lug the extra weight so i opted for my non-weather-sealed Fuji X100s instead. fortunately it fits in my winter coat pocket, so i didn’t have to expose it to the elements for any longer than it took to grab the desired shot.

the X100s held up nicely and i was able to complete a solid 6 mile photo walk through lincoln park. i got a nice mix of nature and street shots (including one of a man skiing through the lincoln park zoo…) that i’ll post on the photo blog sometime soon. i’ll also be throwing up a post soon with some shots from a sunrise adventure at adler planetarium, so keep an eye out!

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