Days 1 and 2 — International Departures and Reykjavik

the trip got off to a bit of a rocky start — two delayed flights and a two-hour adventure for Rachel and Lindsay to transfer their checked bags during our layover in Toronto. fortunately, everything worked out in the end and we made it safely to Reykjavik!

we spent most of the day wandering around the city and soaking up the sights. the weather has gone from sunny to cloudy to snowy and back at least five times…which has had the effect of making it seem like our visit has lasted longer than it actually has. time feels compressed. i suppose the jet lag probably has something to do with that too…

anyways, we’re going to start the hunt for dinner soon, so i’m going to wrap it up. but before i do, some key takeaways from Reykjavik: as already mentioned, the weather is absurd; there’s graffiti everywhere, but it’s very well done and pleasant; the color of man-made structures contrasts very nicely with the muted tones of nature during overcast skies; and the people are quite nice. enjoy the shots from the day, and stay tuned for many more to come! as always, click to expand and use the arrow keys to cycle through for the best experience.

  1. I’ve just read all of your Iceland posts and enjoyed them immensely. We found Iceland to be a magical place, and you captured its weird charm so well in all your photos (and words). It IS a hard-to-describe place, but having been there, I could relate to your not being fully able to put it into adequate words. It was interesting to see some of the scenes during your March trip; we were there in June, so the weather was better but we still had some pretty intense hiking experiences so “early” in the season. Finally, a shout-out to Berggson Mathus, one of our favorite places in Reykjavik, which I see you enjoyed as well!

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    1. Thanks!! I’m glad you were able share in some of that odd magic that Iceland has to offer! After going there in the winter, a return trip in the summer definitely made my bucket list, so it’s good to know that June might still be pushing it a bit… 🙂

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