Day 3 — Driving in a Cloud…Or a Glass of Milk

our first day in Iceland was spent moseying the streets of the country’s capital, never too far from a Starbucks. but today we tentatively toed our way into Iceland’s heart. the majority of the middle of the country is impassable due to snow, but Þingvellir national park was still accessible. our 4WD SUV handled nicely for us, but the roads weren’t without their challenges. vision was very flat (prompting Alf to note that it felt like driving in a cloud…or a glass of milk), and during the majority of the drive it was next to impossible to actually see texture on the snow-covered roads. when combined with 50mph gusts and blowing snow, things got a little interesting. i counted at least four cars that had driven (been blown?) off the road and gotten stuck, but thankfully we didn’t have any such issues.

despite the treacherous roads, the views were incredible and worth every stressful skid. the connection in this Selfoss hostel is pretty poor, so i’m only going to upload one picture this evening. i’ll come back later and update this post with more shots from the day.

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