week seventy — graffiti alley

i’ve been pretty awful at keeping up with these photo of the week posts lately, but sometimes when you take a break you’re able to come back with a renewed vigor. i’m hoping that’s the case in this situation… along with this renewed dedication to posting weekly shots comes a website overhaul! i’ve switched from SquareSpace to WordPress, and while the conversion was quite a pain i’m optimistic that this will allow for more flexibility/customization in the future.

anyways, today’s post comes from a weekend trip Lindsay and i took to Toronto just after my birthday a couple weeks ago. i think my favorite part of the trip/city was walking through Graffiti Alley, a multi-block alley that was covered in spectacular graffiti. between Reykjavík and Toronto, i’ve seen a lot of pretty phenomenal graffiti lately. while i understand the rationale behind the Chicago spray paint law, a part of me wishes it didn’t exist so Chicago would be able to boast more of this sort of street art.

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