photo adventures — a trip to toronto

it’s been a while since the last photo adventures post. i’ve been swamped with work and other obligations and haven’t been shooting nearly as much as i’d like. i started the year really strong and was going on at least one photo walk per month. ever since i got back from my iceland and faroe islands trip, though, i’ve been wrapped up in all these real world obligations like work and actuarial exams. on top of that, i’m moving back to colorado soon and every day i come up with another ten ideas of things i want to do in the chicago area before i move back. life’s hard.

enough complaining about my privileged and cushy life, though. one of those things i wanted to check off my list before moving was visiting toronto. i had heard cool things, and it was only about a nine hour drive away. so after my team hit a pretty big milestone just before memorial day weekend, Lindsay and i hopped into her prius and took off. she had been to toronto before and knew a couple cool locations, but for the most part we just wandered around based on what looked cool on the map. a couple pro-tips if you ever find yourself going to toronto:

  • finding the ferry to get onto the toronto islands is impossible.
  • graffiti alley is spectacular, but there’s great graffiti throughout the city
  • the distillery district is a very cool spot, but it gets incredibly busy. i’d recommend doing what we did and taking a stroll through it in the morning and then circling back in the afternoon to see the street performers and have a beer at the mill street brewery

enough unsolicited advice. enjoy the photos, and let me know what one is your favorite!

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