photo adventures — sunrise at chasm lake

i can’t believe i’ve been in Colorado for this long and have only posted one photo adventures post. i’ve been slacking on the posts, but the reason for slacking is fairly justifiable…i’ve been spending every weekend adventuring and shooting, rather than processing.

i finally had a “free” weekend — meaning i wasn’t traveling/camping — but it’s study season for us actuaries and i ended up spending more time learning about the history of regulation in the insurance industry than processing and writing. i did manage to pull together a few of my favorite shots from a hike i took in August to see the sunrise at Chasm Lake. because the first few miles of the trail share the most popular Longs Peak summit route, there was a ton of activity on the trail, even at 3am. this created some fun foregrounds for astrophotography shots, so i snapped a few of those in addition to the sunrise landscapes. enjoy!

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