WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy Place

This week’s WordPress photo challenge is all about finding your happy place. When I read the prompt, my mind immediately jumped to this shot. I’ve posted quite a few shots from Schwabachers Landing, though, so I perused my photo library to try to find something else that would fit. No dice. I couldn’t help but come back to this one.

This place has a very special spot in my heart. I’ve only visited once — on my two week road trip through Glacier, Yellowstone, Tetons, Bryce, and Rocky Mountain National Parks — but I can comfortably say that it’s one of my favorite locations in the world. I felt a profound peace while at Schwabachers Landing, and while this photo certainly doesn’t do the scene justice, it does remind me of that peaceful state of being. And by revisiting this shot every once in a while, I hope to carry some of that peace with me in my day-to-day life…

  1. Really peaceful indeed. I had to come back to this shot a few times today. It is breathless in beauty and it whispers to my soul. Just gorgeous!!!

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