WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: (Extra)ordinary

This week’s WordPress photo challenge is about finding beauty in places you least expect it. I love making photographs of the everyday things that go unnoticed or taken for granted because it helps me (attempt to) cultivate a mindset of appreciation and gratitude for everything this world has to offer. I don’t post many of those types of shots because, by definition, they’re not as sexy or eye-catching as a dramatic landscape or skyline.

So I was incredibly excited with this week’s photo challenge, as it lifted the guilt from posting one of these “boring” shots that I love so much. I hemmed and hawed for pretty much the entire week, full of indecision about which one (extra)ordinary shot I wanted to post. But I can’t procrastinate any longer, as next week’s photo challenge post will be uploaded in just a few hours…so I ended up with this shot taken in an alley a few blocks from my current residence.

This kind of view is one that I’d start to miss or ignore after a while…and two ways to combat this mindlessness are through travel (in new places we tend to keep our eyes open more) and being deliberate about seeing and photographing these views (this cultivates a mindfulness that can become a habit even when you don’t have your camera with you). I’m trying to do both. 🙂

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