30 Days with the Fuji 35mm f2: Day Nineteen

Today’s image comes from a photo walk I took the other day just before sunset along the Poudre River in Fort Collins. I walk along the various paths next to the river quite often, and I’m intrigued by how many fisherman I see. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, odds are pretty good that I’ll come across someone fishing if I wander for 30 minutes or so.

For this photo, I struggled once again with depth of field. It wasn’t easy to get everything in the frame acceptably sharp with the focal length being as long as it is. I know I’ve said this before, but I just continue to realize more and more that the image that first jumps into my head is very frequently a wide angle one. So far in this project, I’ve found ways to kind of cheat the system and still achieve an image that’s fairly true to the image that comes to mind. In other words, I’ve mostly shot a wide angle style with a medium focal length lens. This seems a bit at odds with the goal of this project, and it’s something to consider for the next eleven days…

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