30 Days with the Fuji 35mm f2: Day Twenty

Today’s post is a still from a very brief time lapse I took during this morning’s sunrise. I’ve been meaning to get into time lapses for quite some time, and I’ve made a few while playing around, but this is the first one I’ve actually uploaded. Looking back on this time lapse shoot, I wish I would have extended both the duration of the shoot and shot with a shorter interval. It would have been nice to get ten seconds or so out of this sunrise as opposed to just three, but trying to anticipate how long the light will be good, how fast the clouds will move, etc. is a bit tricky. It’s probably wise to do some research before leaving the house and err on the side of overshooting… Oh well, lesson learned. 🙂

A Very Brief Colorado Sunrise Time-Lapse from kyle wurtz on Vimeo.

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