Week 97 — Abstract

taken 03/02/2016 @ 9:57am ISO 1250; 23mm (35mm equivalent); f/2; 1/125s; camera: Fuji X100S lens: Fujinon 23mm F2

This week’s photo challenge is about using something familiar to make an unfamiliar image. This was exactly the inspiration behind this week’s image.

I was feeling particularly restless/inspired/bored the morning that I made this image, and I channeled that cocktail of emotions into focusing on the details around me. I’ve looked at these refrigerator doors thousands of times, but before that morning I hadn’t ever looked at them from a photographic perspective. I was drawn to the symmetry of the door handles and the differences in how the light was catching the doors vs. the handles, and I was able to make a pretty interesting image out of the scene. All as a result of focusing on the upper left-hand brick...

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