Week 103 — Natural and Man-Made Beauty

Fuji X100S; 1/420s; f8; ISO 200

There’s so much that I love about this image! I have a peculiar fascination with shooting clouds, and I think I find them far more interesting than most people do… These clouds aren’t the most entertaining I’ve seen, but when you combine them with their reflections in the building’s glass things get pretty cool.

Then you have all the imperfections of the wispy clouds contrasted with the perfectly straight lines of the building that creates a nice little juxtaposition between the natural world and the man-made world. That juxtaposition is cool by itself, but the fact that the reflections tie the two elements together is what I really enjoy. You’ve got these two very different types of beauty that can sometimes coexist really wonderfully.

On top of that, you have this really gorgeous blue of the sky that’s present in both the sky itself and the reflection in the building. I think that helps reinforce the coexistence of the natural and the artificial in this scene.

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