Week 111 — An Excuse to be Grateful

Great Sand Dunes National Park, 2015; Fuji X-T1; Fuji 10-24mm f/4; 1/340s; f/8; ISO 200

It’s been a stressful week here in the US. I’ve struggled to go any extended period of time without reflecting on the election and what it means for the future of my country and the world. And maybe that inability to move on is a good thing…disengagement and apathy can’t be the answer.

That said, it’s important to give our psyches a break sometimes. We have to periodically take a step back and be grateful for our world to keep the stress from building up too much. Taking pictures and being in nature are two of my favorite ways to take these kinds of breaks, so for this week’s image I’m sharing an shot of nature. I hope it gives you an excuse to be grateful too. 🙂

    1. Thanks Denise! I’ve only been in the fall, so I don’t really have any perspectives on other seasons…but I suspect it’d be very difficult to beat going at that time of year! I went in late October last year, and you couldn’t ask for better conditions. It sounds like the weather in the summer is much too warm to make hiking on the dunes comfortable, but in October I was able to hike comfortably during the day and it wasn’t so frigid during the nights to prevent some astrophotography. Plus, the leaves in the surrounding mountains were still changing colors, it wasn’t too crowded in the park, and the peaks of the surrounding mountains were dusted with snow. I honestly couldn’t have asked for anything more, so next time I visit I expect I’ll be going in the fall again! 🙂


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