In Development: Adventures in Film, Volume Thirteen

There are a lot of memories on this roll of film… In just 10 gorgeous medium format negatives, I recorded the final moments of last year’s winter road trip, my final photography adventure while living in Colorado, and my initial reactions to my new neighborhood in Omaha. When shooting film at the casual pace that I do, there will often be a ~4 month gap between taking the image and seeing the results. This gap allows for feelings of nostalgia to properly marinate, and the connection I feel to these film images is so much greater than that of my digital images (all else equal).

Add to this my absurdly slow pace of posting the results from these rolls of film, and I get to revisit all the images again nearly a year after taking them. I like this. I’m someone who’s prone to getting caught up in possibilities of the future, so I think having built-in mechanisms to remind me of the past is good for me.

Enough philosophical ramblings, though. As for the images themselves, I’m very happy with the results from this roll. Until this point, I hadn’t had much success with shooting Ektar. I loved the results of the first roll I shot with it, but after that point it had been hit-or-miss. Aside from a couple bland landscapes (poorly scanned by my frenemies at RPL), this roll is full of “hits”. Lesson learned: it needs to be super bright and sunny for Ektar to look good.

All photos were taken with my Mamiya 7 II and the 80mm f/4 lens on Kodak Ektar 100 shot at ISO 100. They were developed and scanned by Richard Photo Labs (with the exception of a couple that were scanned by me). Enjoy!

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