30 Days with the Fuji X100F: Day 24

Omaha, 2017; Fuji X100F; 1/125s; f/2; ISO 6400

Today’s image is one of my favorites from this series. Christina and I were waiting in the entryway to the local speakeasy on Saturday, and it was packed. The waiting area doubles as a very tiny liquor store, and there about 20 other people squeezed in there with us. The chaos and excitement coupled with the throwback vibe of a speakeasy and fancy liquor paired wonderfully with a little rangefinder and black and white photography.

I was reviewing some of my film shots from 2016 today, and I was reminded how much I love Ilford HP5+ pushed two stops. The big contrast and grain is such a great look for a lot of street photography, and my Acros + red filter setting with +2 highlights and +2 shadows produces a very similar look, particularly when the ISO is high and the simulated grain kicks in. It’s not a super clean look, but sometimes that’s a good thing.

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