30 Days with the Fuji X100F: Day 29

Omaha, 2017; Fuji X100F; 1/125s; f/8; ISO 200

Looking back on this challenge, I feel like I’ve fallen short in highlighting the X100F’s landscape capabilities. Landscapes were my first love when it came to photography, and I feel like the X100F could be the perfect casual landscape camera for me. I’ve taken my X100S on many hikes, and its light weight coupled with its great lens and focal length has always served me well. Landscapes deserve to be printed large, though, and the X100S’s 16 megapixel sensor doesn’t quite cut it. The X100F’s 24 megapixel sensor will certainly help, though for landscapes I’ll continue to crave something even more.

I had high hopes for doing some astrophotography and a few sunrise/sunset photo shoots during this challenge to really push the X100F in the landscape category, but a sickness coupled with nearly two straight weeks of purely overcast weather prevented this from happening. No matter, though, I’ll have plenty of time to shoot landscapes (and post the results here) in the coming months (and years)!

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