30 Days with the Fuji X100F: Day 30

Omaha, 2017; Fuji X100F; 1/125s; f/8; ISO 200

For the final image of this series, I decided to go with a minimalist image I took on a casual photo walk the other day. I was really in the groove on this walk. I was in a good flow and was enjoying the process of making images. When you’re lost in the process like that it seems like the photos always turn out a little bit better…

And that’s what this camera is all about. The X100F is a camera that can get you inspired to go out and shoot, can help with your artistic vision while shooting, and can disappear when you need it to. I’ll be going countless more photo walks and photo adventures with this little beast of a camera, and I’m sure I’ll enjoy every second of it! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this series, and I wish you all wonderful light!

  1. Hi Kyle – I stumbled upon this series while trying to make my mind up about the X100F. What a fantastic set of photos and insights – thanks so much for taking the time to post them. Love the idea of a shot a day, and I’m hoping the restrictions of the camera itself bring out my creativity in the same way they did with you! Hope you’re still enjoying it.

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