Week 121 — Milwaukee Beer

Milwaukee, 2017; iPhone 6S; Filmborn App; 35mm; Ilford Pan F

Christina and I visited Milwaukee this week. It’s looking increasingly likely that Milwaukee is where we’ll be moving for the next leg in our adventure, so I spent a lot of time trying to picture myself living there. One of the things photography has taught me is how different the world can look depending on the lens you’re viewing it through. Not just the camera lens…but the metaphorical one as well. Seeing a place through the lens of a tourist is different than seeing a place through the lens of a resident, for example.

I enjoyed playing this little thought experiment while visiting…picking out routes for photo walks and sunrise shoots and coffee shops/bars to work/write in…it’s a fun way to travel through a city, and in this case Milwaukee checked all the boxes (except for mountains…I like mountains)! If this is where we end up for the foreseeable future, I’m confident it’ll lead to a lot of quality photo of the week posts… 🙂

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