In Development: Adventures in Film, Volume 25

This roll of film was one of my favorites to shoot and to get back from the lab. I had just purchased a used Leica MP 0.72 and this was the first roll of film I put through it. I used my tried and true HP5+ pushed two stops and shot whatever caught my eye. Shortly after starting the roll, Christina and I decided to go to Chicago for the weekend to spend some time with friends and go to some of the Cubs vs. Indians World Series watch parties. The Cubbies lost both games while we were there, but walking around Wrigleyville and soaking up (and shooting) the atmosphere of the city was something I won’t forget for a long time. There’s always excitement when a local sports team is going deep in the postseason (I remember Chicago on the nights of both of the Blackhawks’ most recent Stanley Cup victories), but with the Cubs it was on another level. I’m bummed we weren’t there for the night of Game 7, but I’m glad we got to experience a few of those days leading up to that historical win.

There’s nothing too interesting or special about the actual photography on this roll of film, but as is usually the case the subject matter is what makes the images memorable.

All photos were taken with my Leica MP and Leica 50mm Summicron Rigid on Ilford HP5+ shot at ISO 1600 and pushed two stops in development. They were developed and scanned by The FIND Lab, and I adjusted contrast, the tonal curve, and clarity to most of the images in Lightroom.

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