Week 123 — Art on the Streets

Milwaukee, 2018; Fuji X100F; 1/640s; f/8; ISO 200

In an effort to be less hermit-like with my work, I’m going to test out reviving my weekly photo series. At least for the next few months, I’m going to dedicate myself to sharing ongoing work more frequently. I’ve been struggling with motivation to shoot and edit recently (likely a hangover from my New Zealand trip last fall and a general winter lull), and I’m hoping that committing to post images weekly will yank me out of neutral.

I’ll also be posting monthly recaps that contain my favorite images from the month. Because the goal of these posts is primarily internal, I’m not planning on spending too much time writing about the photographs themselves. Maybe that’s as it should be anyways…just let the images speak for themselves!

  1. Do it not because you have to, but because you want to.

    Photography is an art, an escape for your passions, and a place for your creativity to run free. It’s a medium to convey your thoughts to invoke feelings for others. But we never really do it for others, because deep down, they don’t really care. It’s all for ourselves.

    Keep doing what makes you happy, Kyle.

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