30 Days with the Leica M10 Monochrom: Day 21

Today’s shot is another one that highlights how different composition is when shooting in black and white. When stripped of color, this scene becomes barely more than a collection of lines. Vertical, horizontal, diagonal, repeat…

This photo is, to put it plainly, not good. There are a lot of interesting elements to it, but there’s no subject and no meaningful relationship between all those lines. At the end of the day it’s just…messy.

That said, this is the sort of photo that shooting consistently in black and white has trained me to see. While the photo itself isn’t any good, it has a lot of elements that could make up a great photo if a few things had broken differently. If I was shooting in color, it’s likely I would have gotten distracted by some sort of color element to the scene and had missed all the strong compositional components. Just another example of how shooting in black and white is good photographic training, regardless of whether your ultimate goal is to shoot in black and white or color.


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